Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Color Bouquet works with a Champagne Wedding Dress?

One of my brides recently purchased her wedding dress and is at a loss for what color flowers to use that will go well with the champagne color. I, on the other hand, was at a loss for words when I saw her in the gown for the first time! Her gown is absolutely stunning-raw silk, champagne colored, delicate beading, mermaid style-and looks amazing on her! But I digress...back to the flowers.

With champagne dresses, you can really do any colored bouquet-ivory, bright colors, neutrals, warm earthtones. Below are some bouquet ideas:


Images (Clockwise from top left: Source, Source, Source, Source, Source)


Images (Clockwise from top left: Source, Source, Source, Source, Unknown, Unknown)

What color bouquet would you carry with a champagne wedding dress?

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Miss G said...

Hi Kate, thanks for your comment on my blog. Just curious, do you know how you found me? Have you been reading long?

I think they *shouldn't* make those "stirrup pants" (at least that's what we called them in jr. high/early high school) anymore! Goodness. Last night we went on a few errands and I saw so many people in skin tight pants. ugghhh. . . not pretty.

Anyway, looks like you have a neat blog. Entertaining ideas are so much fun. I hope you have a great Saturday. Kelly

p.s. I did have a champagne wedding dress in October and I had a bouquet with lots of oranges because we had a fall wedding with pomegranite orange and robin's egg blue as our colors.