Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do-it-yourself: Chuppah/Arch/Canopy

What is a chuppah you might ask? A new burrito from Taco Bell? Some strange little rodent? Nope! According to Wikipedia a chuppah is a canopy traditionally used in Jewish weddings that symbolizes the home the couple will build together. Don't worry though-even if you're not Jewish, you can still use a chuppah/arch/canopy. It can also represent God's presence over your marriage (since you get married under the chuppah).

If you're still confused about what a chuppah is, check out these gorgeous and inspiring pictures:

You starting to get the idea? Well, I have a couple who wants to use one for their wedding and the groom just so happens to be very handy with power tools, measuring tapes, and anything construction related. He is planning on taking on this project so that he and his bride can say their vows under it-pretty romantic, huh? Especially since he will be building the chuppah/arch that symbolizes the home they will build together-already off to a good start.

I found a few DIY chuppah tutorials online if you are going to tackle a project like this yourself.

Keep in mind when you are building it that if you have to transport it somewhere, it may be easiest to add the final nails/screws at the final destination, rather than build it at home and then have to rent a moving truck to get it to your ceremony spot.

Any tips for building your own chuppah/arch/canopy?


:arch building said...

It is out of the world! the cuppah/arch is just romantic. Very instigating!

2dBride said...

FWIW, I have instructions for making a very transportable chuppah (built on the frame of a portable popup gazebo) at this link:


kate333777 said...

Our wedding is in July and we are doing ALOT of DIY, we plan to build our arch/canopy aswell but for a double purpose we will build the arch onto our dance floor that way we use less space in our yard. I plan to decorate it with fabric for the tied curtain look and tie with satan ribbon in our wedding colors also there will be lighting hung from the rafters and wrapped around the poles everything will be lighted in the evening for a more dramtic look. Thank you for the designs they have been a huge help!

torahgirl said...

Love the pictures! I am considering using a chuppah in my wedding this fall. =)