Friday, November 13, 2009

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Like I said in yesterday's post about my first anniversary, I want to share with you the wonderful gift my husband gave me to celebrate our first year of marriage.

I had been dropping hints all month that since year one is paper, technically anything could be given if he paid in cash or check (geez, I sound so greedy!). I mentioned paper gift cards to spas, plane tickets to a beach resort, wads of money. You know, things I need.

Pat has always been a great gift giver (well, except for the first year we were dating when he gave me an apron and a gift card to the grocery store for a gift...ummm, what do you think I am?) so when our anniversary night rolled around, I knew whatever the gift, it would rock.

And it did. I cried (well, I'm a crybaby anyway) and I was blown away by how incredibly sweet it was.

Here goes.

Going with the paper theme, he got me a beautiful leather handmade journal. He included a note with the journal that he would like us to write little facts of life and advice in this journal throughout the years so that our children can have it when they are older. Maybe lessons we have learned, things that made us happy, or just anything at all.

I even thought that it would be soooo cool if we had a daughter and she carried this little leather journal down the aisle on the day she gets married. So you can see why I was in tears when I read the note.

I don't know how Pat has the time to come up with great gift ideas when he is busy studying and going to recruiting events for 80+ hours per week but all I can say is I am pretty lucky. Here is a picture of the journal Pat bought from Jenni Bick Bookbinding (stock photo from the Jenni Bick website)
Here's another beautiful option:

Check out the site for more journal ideas. If you have already celebrated your first anniversary, what gifts did you exchange with your spouse?


cathy said...

You two might Hide a Heart this year. See or for more information. My husband and I have been hiding one for each other for 27 years and every time I rediscover it, my heart gives a leap of joy!

Heidi's Heavenly Cookies said...

LOVE those beautiful journals! What great finds and a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the person you love. Of course, we usually send beautifully packaged gourmet cookies, but what a lovely idea...perhaps a leather-bound journal with gourmet cookies to eat while writing? ;)

mrsinwonderland said...

That is such a sweet gift! I gave Ryan a papercut I commissioned for his gift with a line from our first dance song from Her work is so lovely.

My adorable husband gave me the earrings that I borrowed from our jeweler to wear on our wedding day. Beautiful aquamarine and diamonds.